Tuesday , November 24 2020

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The Complete HTML5 Course | 100%OFF Coupon

Get Udemy Coupon 100% OFF For The Complete HTML5 Course: From Beginning to Expert Course “Enjoyable, easy to learn and concepts are cleared to the point” — Shivam Agarwal “A helpful and interesting introduction to HTML5 for complete beginners such as myself. The course contained useful information with references to websites, …

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What is Yield Farming? Beginner’s Guide

At its core, yield farming is a process that allows cryptocurrency holders to lock up their holdings, which in turn provides them with rewards. It’s impossible to sail the crypto seas without constantly navigating through new trends and buzzwords. One of the latest ones you may have come across recently …

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John Lennon’s Son: Bitcoin ‘Transcends the Physical World’

Sean Lennon suggested Bitcoin gives people the chance to transcend politics and world events like never before. John Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon—while speaking on the Orange Pill podcast yesterday—said Bitcoin “empowers people in a way they’ve never been empowered before.” Bitcoin has enjoyed plenty of praise over the last few …

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