What’s in a name?

Quite a bit, actually.

While built on the same foundation as iOS, iPad has become a truly distinct experience. With powerful apps designed for a large Multi ‑ Touch display. Multitasking made simple with intuitive gestures. And the ability to drag and drop a file with a fingertip. It’s always been magical. And now it’s called iPadOS.

Available 9. 24


Slide Over

and Split View

Slide Over and Split View have made working with multiple apps on iPad effortless. Now they can take your workflows to another level by letting you work exactly how you want in even more intuitive ways.

Multiple apps in Slide Over

Keep all of your favorite apps at the ready in Slide Over.

Apps in multiple spaces

Work with the same app across multiple spaces…

Apps in multiple spaces

Now you can open an app on both sides of Split View, perfect for working on two documents side by side. Or even use one app across many different projects you have open on iPad. So you can have Safari paired with Pages in one space, and Safari paired with Mail in another.

App Exposé

… and see all the spaces you have open with a single app just by tapping the icon in the Dock.

New Home Screen

The Home screen has been redesigned to take advantage of the large iPad display. A refined layout lets you see more apps. And you can pin useful widgets on the front page.

Pinned widgets

Pin your favorite Today View widgets on the Home screen and see them at a glance.

Apple Pencil

The precision and versatility of Apple Pencil make it an amazing tool for drawing, note-taking, and marking things up. Now, thanks to even lower latency, writing with Apple Pencil feels even more like writing on paper. And with entirely new ways to use it, you’ll only have to put it down when you want to.

Full-page markup

Capture a screenshot of an entire web page, document, or email and mark it up.

Sidecar in macOS Catalina


Text Editing

Part of the magic of iPad is that almost anything can be done with Multi-Touch using simple, intuitive gestures. And now iPadOS makes it easier and faster to select and edit text using just your fingers.

Editing gestures

Copy, paste, undo, and more with simple new gestures.

Cursor navigation

Pick up thecursorand drag it precisely where you wantit.

Improved text selection

Quicklyselect a block oftextbyDraggingyour finger over it.

Intelligent text selection

Select awordwith a doubletap.A sentence with threetaps.Or a wholeparagraphwith four taps.